Hot Drinks

Coffee full of flavour


Our coffee shop serves a range of hot drinks to suit your daily needs. With the thousands of products available in the competitive, coffee shop market we developed a matrix to assess and ensure we were bringing a range of hot drinks to our community that are both appealing and ethical.

Our hot drinks are all milk inclusive, we do not charge extra for different types of milk and whether you enjoy your drink dine in or takeaway your serving size is the same.

Coffee with a friend is like capturing happiness in a cup.
– Unknown

We aim to charge your day with full flavour coffee from the first sip to the last, fabulous with milk, fantastic without.

Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino, Long Black, Short Black, Mocha. Served in a cup with one shot or a mug with two shots.

We serve 100% Australian grown black tea, not only because it’s Aussie. We think it’s the best no fuss tea. There are times when you just need a proper cuppa.

Hot Choc
Our house made blend includes cocoa, cacao and chocolate but no emulsifier so some will settle to the bottom of the cup.

All of our hot drinks are the perfect companion to our house made Koeksisters, cakes and slices.