Early Risers

Here is our Early Risers menu available from 7am* to 12pm.

Use this menu to preorder your breakfast so it’s ready when you visit. If you’d like to grab lunch to heat later, a rice bowl works perfectly, too.

Text your order on 0492 919 796 or send us a Facebook message.


Cup : One shot : 4
Mug : Two shots : 5

Flat white, cappuccino, latte, long black, short black, tea and hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Notes
We blend our chocolate powder in house from the best quality ingredients but no emulsifier so some will settle to the bottom of the cup. Our hot chocolate is topped with house made marshmallow as standard.


Glass : 6

Blended ice drink.
Espresso, mango or strawberry.

Blended milk and ice drink.
Espresso, chocolate or strawberry


Iced Latte
Espresso with milk and ice.

Iced Tea
Served black on ice.
Black Tea or Red Berry

Still soft drinks of juices and cordials, served with ice.
Loco Lemonade or Red Berry


One : 8
Two : 15

A bunny pie is a toasty made in a pie maker so you get more filling!

You can choose to have these topped with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and or a spoon of sambal.

Good times.

Choose your filling:

Five Veg Curry [vegan]
Sweet potato, potato, carrot, peas and chickpeas. The root vegetables and coconut cream make this naturally sweet.

Beef Mince Curry
Mild, savoury curry of beef mince, peas and potatoes.

Beef patty, cheese, onion, pickle, tomato sauce and mustard.

Cheesy Bean
Cheese and baked beans. Classic.

Bacon Egg
Bacon and a whole egg cooked in the pie maker. Would you like barbecue or tomato sauce in your pie, too?


One : 15
Two : 25

You get a cup of basmati rice, cooked the Loco way, with your choice of up to two toppings and two relishes.

We can serve your bowl hot and ready to eat or put it together cold so you can heat it later for lunch or dinner.


Choose up to two toppings:

Five veg curry [vegan]
Beef mince curry
Grilled onion [vegan]
Grilled potato [vegan]
Winter green salad [vegan]

Choose up to two relishes:

Sambal, Greek yoghurt, lemon garlic dressing, marinated feta, grilled chilli.


Sambal : Cup : 6
Tomato, onion and chilli in lemon juice. [vegan]

Hummus : Cup : 8
Creamy hummus topped with olive oil and sumac. [vegan]

Olives : Cup : 8
House marinated green olives.[vegan]

Jesus Bread : Bag : 4
Pita bread with our signature flavouring, made crispy in the oven. [vegan]

*7am is early for us old birds! Hahaha!