Both of us were brought up not to waste anything. As a result, this was one of the easiest policies to write.

It wasn’t hard and it’s not a big deal. So, we were chuffed and surprised when we were asked to participate in a video advocating for the reduction of single use plastics in our industry. Scroll down for the video.

In the meantime, here’s our waste policy.



We generate minimal waste to keep our prices low and maximise the sustainability of our business.

Less waste means:

1. customers pay for what they receive, not what we discard

2. our business has a greater chance of survival in tough times

3. we contribute less rubbish to our region and planet



1. The sustainability of our business relies on our customers. We put our customers first because without customers we wouldn’t have a business. And our customers value this planet, our continent, region and community.

2. We buy local whenever it is a good fit for our customers’ needs and fits our brand values. Buying local results in less monetary and environmental costs in relation to transport.

3. We support businesses that are ethical in their interaction with people, cultures, animals and our planet.

4. We avoid dealings with business who have a history of human right abuse, discrimination and environmental disasters.



1. Compost Service

We subscribe to a compost service. Our food waste and some packaging waste go in a bin that is collected for composting once a week.

The cost is worth it because it means we have one bag of landfill rubbish per week. We think that’s pretty good for a commercial operation in an industry that has a reputation for waste.


2. Still Water

Take away still water that is packaged in a glass or metal bottle is available for purchase from our display fridge.


3. Milk

This is an ongoing issue. Currently cow’s milk packaging is recyclable and our local tip will take these for recycling for free. Most alternate milks come in tetra packs which are not recyclable nor completely compostable.


4. Take Away Packaging

Our take away packaging is compostable for the compost system with which we subscribe or home composting. As more information and products become available we will progress the environmental sustainability of our take away packaging. Eg, we recently moved from plant based plastic to bagasse coffee cup lids.

We’re excited about the increase in sustainable packaging options that are becoming available. We have a fabulous supplier in Grant at Premier Catering (Erina). He keeps us well informed of new developments.


5. Optional Packaging

Even though our straws, carriers, cup lids, napkins and bags are compostable, customers are offered the choice to take or refuse these as well other take away packaging.

This might not seem like a big gesture but it results in less packaging in use, every day.


6. We welcome keep cups. Please wash them, though.


7. Sugar for hot drinks is added in the form of house made syrup when we make your coffee. This means no additional packaging in the form of sachets of sugar or stirrers.


8. We have never thrown out used coffee grinds. Please contact us if you’re a keen gardener and would like to be on the rotating list for receiving a bag of grinds.