How do you enjoy your espresso?


Come in and we’ll put together your regular favourite.

Some like it hot. Are you partial to a flat white, cappuccino, long black, latte?

Do you change it up in Summertime for long, cool things like iced latte, iced long black or an espresso frappe?


Locomotive Station Regular Coffee Values

1. We don’t charge more for alternative milks.

As customers we don’t like being charge more because we chose an equal quantity of one milk over another.


2. We have two standard sizes:

Cup Size : One shot in a cup size

Mug Size : Two shots in a mug size

Sometimes it can be hard to know what you’re getting when you ask for a medium flat white.

Of course, you can change it up. Maybe you’re like Sue who likes a quarter strength, mug size cappuccino with two sugars. Or our other Sue who like a half strength, mug size cappuccino with no sugar but extra chocolate sprinkle. Or are you like Tilly’s Dad who has two shots in a cup size latte?


3. We aim to serve coffee that tastes, “Mmm. Nice [sigh],” from the first sip to the last drop in the bottom.



Maybe you need our espresso. At home. Now. Stat.

Here’s how you can.

Beans : Grab a kilo or 250g and grind as you go, wherever you are, as needed.

Cold Brew : Our smooth cold brew is available in 500ml bottles. Use as you would fresh brewed espresso. Add milk, water and/or ice. Our cold brew lasts for up to a week in your fridge.



Our friendly, and eternally patient, roasters at Short St, provide the best beans. We love what they do and try to honour their work by nurturing the beans while they’re in our care.

We treat the beans nice so you get a full and smooth coffee flavour from the first sip to the last, hot or cold with and without the many milks from which we can choose.

At Locomotive Station you’ll get good coffee. We’d like to take credit for this but, no. Most of what happens in your cup is the result of our roasters, their obsession with their craft and commitment to people like us.

Kevin and Scott at Short St get us beans that are full flavoured enough to hold their own in a variety of milks while consistently smooth when served black.

While in our custody, we coddle the beans and hand the brew over the counter to you. How this happens is also due to Kevin. He taught us a fraction of what he knows about coffee.

Play Video about Milk poured slowly into a glass of deep cold brew.