Good Coffee

We aim to charge your day with full flavour coffee from the first sip to the last, fabulous with milk, fantastic without.

Coffee with a friend is like capturing happiness in a cup.
– Unknown

Served in a cup with one shot or a mug with two shots.

Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino, Long Black, Short Black, Mocha.

With the thousands of products available in the competitive, coffee shop market we developed a matrix to assess and ensure we were bringing a range of coffee drinks to our community that are both appealing and ethical.

Our hot drinks are all milk inclusive, we do not charge extra for different types of milk and whether you enjoy your drink dine in or takeaway your serving size is the same.


Capo Barista Milk (Norco),  2% Milk (Norco), Almond Milk (Milk Lab), Oat Milk (Minor Figures), Soy Milk (Bonsoy)

Our coffee is a great accompaniment to our range of new and nostalgic treats.

1. We don’t charge more for alternative milks.
– When we’re customers we don’t like being charged more because we chose an equal quantity of one milk over another.
2. We have two standard sizes:

– One shot in a cup size

- Two shots in a mug size
Sometimes it can be hard to know what you’re getting when you say, “Medium flat white, please.”
3. We want to give you a coffee that tastes, “Mmm, nice,” from the first sip to the last.
At Locomotive Station you’ll get good coffee. We’d like to take credit for this but, no. Most of what happens in your cup is the result of our roasters, their obsession with their craft and commitment to people like us.
Kevin and Scott at Short St get us beans that are full flavoured enough to hold their own in a variety of milks while consistently smooth when drunk black.
While in our custody, we coddle the beans and hand the brew over the counter to you. How this happens is also due to Kevin. He taught us a fraction of what he knows about coffee. Thank heavens because if he brain dumped everything it’d be like Cate Blanchett being pulverised by knowledge when the pointy skull spoke to her in Indiana Jones.
Kevin and Scott are more patient with us than crystal alien overlords would be. Of this, we are appreciative.
We’re one of only two coffee shops on the coast serving Short St coffee. And we drink coffee at the other one, too.


Short St Coffee Roaster