Tascott Low Tea

A scone cut open topped with strawberry jam and whipped fresh cream.

Book your spot for scones, finger sandwiches and cocktail teapots this Friday 1 March and Saturday 2 March 2024.

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LOW TEA : 15
A scone, finger sandwiches and a pot of hot Daintree Tea.

A scone, finger sandwiches and your choice of a pot of Gin Tea, served hot and poured over ice. Choose from:
– Lime : Daintree Tea, gin, citrus liqueur and dried finger lime
– Orange : Daintree Tea, gin, Aperol and orange
– Ginger : Daintree Tea, gin, ginger liqueur and ginger
[Talk to us about other flavour combos you might have in mind. Let’s get creative, together.]

We’re also taking orders for our famous scones to pick up on Friday 1 March and Saturday 2 March 2024. Contact us to place your order.
Let us know your desired quantity and whether you’d like us to supply jam and/or cream. We’ll make them. Then, we’ll see you for pick up. Yay! We’d hate for you to miss out.
One : 5
Two : 9
Six : 24
Ten : 33

1. We bake our scones fresh on the day. Nobody likes an old scone.

2a. Definitely preorder your scones. We mix and bake them fresh. A batch takes time. We’ll try but can’t promise we can keep up with the cult of the Loco Scone.

2b. Let us know what time you’ll be coming by to collect your scones.
For example, if you’re coming at noon we won’t give you scones that are baked at 8am. As you can imagine, the popular time slots fill up first.

3. Let us know if you’d like jam and whipped cream.

4. Our scones are suitable for our vegan friends which makes them also dairy free.

5. We have a Scone Club. Membership is currently open*. You’ll get advance notice of scones.

*Membership never closes. Unlike our attitude toward old scones we aren’t picky when it comes to members of Scone Club. To join go to our website. In the menu click ‘Be On The List’.