Cocktail Menu VODKAStraya     Mango Frozen LongCollins Glass : 15Vodka, mango, lime, lemonade. Blended with ice.Strawberry Sour     Berry FrozenRocks Glass : 15Vodka, strawberry, lemon. Blended with ice.Kylie’s Coco Loco     Fruity Sweet LongCoupe : 15Vodka, coconut liqueur, passionfruit liqueur, pineapple. Built in the glass over ice.Kamikaze     Fresh CitrusRocks Glass : 15Vodka, triple sec, citrus. Shaken then strained over ice. GINGimlet     Fresh Citrus Rocks Glass : 15Gin and lime. Shaken then strained over ice.Negroni     Orange Strong BittersweetRocks Glass : 18Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Shaken then strained over ice.Granny’s Gimlet     Apple CitrusCoupe : 15Gin, sour apple schnapps and lime. Shaken then strained.Measle     Lolly Frozen...


Garlic Rice

Yellow Rice

Chicken Curry

Veg Curry

Mince Curry