Mothers’ Day Stack

Hang with us on Mothers’ Day 2021.

We’re doing special stacks for Mothers’ Day. And prawns. And jugs of mimosas! With flavours.

The pic is a bunny cob. It’s hot, cheesy cob dip baked in a half loaf. Filling is cheese, onion and corn. This is part of your Mothers’ Day Stack share plate.

Preorder your stack for eat in or take away on Mum’s big day, below.


Stack Train : $25 : One To Two People
Double Stack : $50 : Three To Four People

– Bunny cob with your choice of hot filling of cheese, onion and corn or  our beef mince curry or veg curry.
– Cheese
– Small sweets
– Bread
– Olives, pickles and other accompaniments


Bowl Of Fresh Unpeeled Prawns $25

Jug Of Mimosa $25
(Only available when you eat in with us)

Choose Your Flavour

– Orange
– Cranberry
– Strawberry
– Mango