Are you a food organiser? Sorting dinner? A gathering? Or do you need to bring a plate?

If so, Locomotive Station is here to help.

Use this menu to preorder your dishes so they’re ready to pick up when you need them. We’ll make your dishes to order so please give us at least two days notice.

Text your order on 0492 919 796 or send us a Facebook message.



Family Size : 35


Five Veg Curry
Aromatic curry of potato, sweet potato, carrots, peas and chickpeas. Naturally sweet. [vegan]

Green Lentil Curry
Mild curry of green lentils, potato and peas. [vegan]

Beef Mince Curry
Mild curry of beef mince, potato and peas.

Chicken Curry
Mild curry of mixed cuts of chicken and potato.



Serves Four : 25

South African dish of aromatically spiced ground beef with an egg topping. Traditionally served with yellow rice and sambal.


Garlicky Legs

Family Size : 25

A family sized dish of chicken legs cooked in our garlicky sauce. We start with about a kilo of legs per dish, so depending on their size you get around six legs. We recommend serving these with your choice of rice and salad.


Ricotta Gnocchi

Family Size : 35

House made ricotta gnocchi in a light tomato sauce.


Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Family Size : 25

Macaroni in a cheese sauce ready to pop in your oven then plonk on your table.



Family Size : 25


Chicken And Vegetable

Old school soup made in house from scratch with whole chicken, carrots, celery, corn, bay leaves and pepper.


Tomato And Lentil

Aromatically spiced tomato soup with onion and celery thickened with red split peas. [vegan]



Pumpkin soup made of Kent pumpkin with cumin and nutmeg. Available when Kent pumpkins are in season. [vegan]


Family Size : 25


Potato Salad

Steamed potato in lemon and mayonnaise dressing
[vegan upon request]


Winter Green Salad

Salad of broccoli, green beans, peas and almonds in garlic and lemon dressing. [vegan]




Cup : 6

Fresh sambal of tomato, onion and chilli in lemon juice. Traditionally a spoon of this sambal accompanies curry and bobotie but we’ve been known to add it to anything.



Family Size : 10


Yellow Rice – flavoured with turmeric, sultanas and stick cinnamon.

White Rice – basmati rice cooked the Loco way.



Cup : 8

House marinated olives.



Cup : 8

Creamy dip of chickpeas and tahini topped with olive oil and sumac.


Pickled Cauliflower

Cup : 8

House pickled cauliflower with turmeric and peppercorns.


Jesus Bread : Bag : 4

Pita bread with our signature flavouring, made crispy in the oven. [Vegan]



Four : 16

Four pastry scrolls flavoured with our olive and sundried tomato tapenade. [Vegan]

Stack Train
Serves Two : 18

Double Stack
Serves Four : 36

Two cheeses, hummus, house marinated olives, artisan and house made pickles, crispy bread.


Sausage Rolls

Ten : 22

Ten cafe size, house made sausage rolls. Traditional beef and herb filling. Frozen and ready to bake.



Six : 15

Twelve : 30

These are our most local produce, directly from Brisbane Water. These are freshly shucked in our kitchen right before you get them.

Choose from:
– Natural : served with lemon
– Loco : natural and served with a side of our sambal
– Kilpatrick : served hot with a bacon and worcestershire top



Ten : 22

A brunch dish from the United States. Eggs, bacon, cheese and bread, this is like a savoury French toast slice. We like to serve it with a salad like you would a quiche or frittata.



Twenty Four : 48

South African samoosas with beef and onion filling in house made pur (pastry). Ready to shallow fry at home.

Kindly provide at least one week’s notice for your samoosa order, please.

[Can be vegan upon request]


Batch Cocktails

A bottle of four serves of one of our cocktails ready for you to add ice.

Please click here to download your Loco Batch Cocktail Menu.

Please contact us via email to arrange your liquor order and delivery:

shaker at


Jug : 20

Sparkling wine and fruit juice. Orange or cranberry.


Jug : 20

Liqueur, wine, fruit juice, fruit and sparkling water.

Lychee, strawberry, orange (Aperol).



Ten : 25
Chocolate Slice
Hedgehog style chocolate slice.
Tascott Tarts
Custard tarts, named by a customer. Hehe!
Bread And Butter Pudding
Loco version of the traditional hot pudding, but served cold. Like a sweet, French toast slice.
Scones like you’d make at home. [vegan]
Jam And Cream : 10


Ten : 30
Cupcakes [vegan]
– Poo Emoji : Chocolate with chocolate icing
– Milly Vanilla : Vanilla with vanilla icing
– Fairy : chocolate or vanilla with multicolour icing
Marshmallow Slice
Chocolate slice topped with house made marshmallow.
Chocolate cupcake, jam pocket, fresh cream.
Dark chocolate and almond brownies.



Ten : 22
Cape Town style, cinnamon, yeast doughnuts. Served hot in sugar syrup sprinkled with coconut. [vegan]
Whole Cakes
Unfilled : 35
Filled : 50
We can top the following cakes with fresh cream and fruit. Or you can fill them for your own special touch.
Barefoot Cheesecake
Crustless ricotta based cheesecake. It’s a bit like a Basque burnt cheesecake and a bit like a ricotta cake. Subtly sweet perfection. 
[wheat free]
Chocolate Crater Cake
Dark chocolate cake that’s intense and light at the same time. It forms a crater that’s ready to be filled with sweet cream and fruit. [wheat free]

Jaffa Cake
Chocolate cake made with whole oranges and ground almonds.
[wheat free] [dairy free]