Pilates And Lattes

Physical, social, flexible and strong. We’d all love to feel that way. So, let’s do it.

Have you met Angie from What’s It All About Pilates?

Angie is running a beginner pilates mat class on five consecutive Saturday mornings. After each class reward yourself with a social hot drink and treat at Locomotive Station. All inclusive for $20 per Saturday.

You deserve it.


9am Saturday 13 April 2024
9am Saturday 20 April 2024
9am Saturday 27 April 2024
9am Saturday 4 May 2024
9am Saturday 11 May 2024

At 9am each Saturday morning Ange will ease you into strength, health and flexibility with a beginner Pilates session.

Afterwards head over to Locomotive Station. Your rewards are already included.

Choose one of the following:

1. Mug size hot drink plus bread and butter pudding or shortbread/cookie

2. Cup size hot drink plus other cake

3. Bunny pie


– A Mat

– Comfy Clothes

– Socks


$100 click here to book your place

That’s a fabulous start to the weekend, if we say so, ourselves.